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200% Cooler: Audi Sport Releases Performance Parts for Audi TT and Audi R8

Whether you like the looks of performance oriented flair or you actually need the improved downforce, the Audi Performance Parts package brings both to the table as a dealer installed option. Both the TT and R8 have slight differences in what's offered, but both gain functional benefits from the carbon-fiber retrofits.

If you have a TT, TTS, or TT RS, you'll be offered most of the same upgrades all the same. Tire and wheel choices are limited to one set of 20-inch milled racing wheels with a square stanced 225/30 R20 profile. Its higher material quality drops unsprung weight by 15.9 lbs (7.2 kg) and offers a more distinct look than the normal 20-inch upgrade. Just inboard of the blacked out wheels is your choice of two or three-way adjustable coilover suspension. An optional sport brake line and brake cooling kit adds more stopping power and fade resistance in lengthened racing sessions. TT RS car owners can order a steel front brake disc with multiple bolt mounting points for staggered caliper sizes*.

The real meat of the Performance Parts offering is its Aero kit featuring a mix of carbon fiber and plastic front splitter, front dive plane, air inlet, side sill, rear diffuser, fixed rear wing, and front bonnet air vent. TT coupes with Quattro drive can also be fitted with a cross-member reinforcement bar to improve chassis rigidity. If you don't plan on transporting anyone but your spouse, Audi can replace the rear seats with a carbon fiber cross brace over the struts saving you 44 lbs (20 kg) and improve rigidity even further. And if you own a TTS or TT RS, Audi offers the choice to upgrade the exhaust to an Akropovic titanium muffler which - if you know how good its inline-5 engine sounds - is one option you don't want to skip.

At the higher end of the performance spectrum, the R8 and R8 Spyder receives the same kind of improvements to a more severe degree. Its uprated 245/30 R20 and 305/30 R20 wheels and tires save 17.6 lbs (8 kg) while a new titanium carrying plate for the brakes save 2.2 lbs (1 kg) overall. As with the TT, the R8 can receive new brake lines, two or three way coilovers, and an appropriately fitted aerodynamics kit. For the R8 this includes a purely carbon fiber air inlet, dive plane, splitter, side sill, rear wing, and diffuser. Audi says the kit for R8 adds 114.6 lbs (52 kg) of downforce at 93 mph (150 kmh), and 551 lbs (250 kg) of downforce at 205 mph (330 kmh). An increase of over 220 lbs (100 kg) of downforce at top speed, with over double its downforce at 93 mph.

Both cars with the parts package receive an Alcantara covered steering wheel with a red top center line. If your car is fitted with a dual clutch you can order carbon fiber shift paddles if you need one more way to exercise superfluous spending.

The R8 and TT retrofit range will be available late summer 2017 starting in Germany. Prices and global availability is yet to be announced.

*I think