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2019 BMW Concept M8 Gran Coupe: Look At Me

The centerpiece at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show BMW Booth is the BMW Concept M8 Gran Coupe. A four-door coupe-style version of a two-door high-performance flagship coupe that doesn't exist yet. Or, simply put, a concept of a concept.

So what is there to say about a car so far removed from reality? Besides its aesthetics, the details are thin. BMW says all 8-Series models will have a carbon fiber roof - expected for cars of this caliber. And the M8 Gran Coupe will be the last model in the current 8-Series release cycle planned for some time in 2019. That means you're looking at a 2020 model year for the M8 Gran Coupe with the 8-Series coupe, M8 Coupe, and 8-Series Gran Coupe arriving before it.

But for those that do care about looks, the M8 GC is a radical departure for better or for worse. It's sculpted to stand out. The front end has a long hood, enlarged air intakes, wider and lower signature kidney grille, and angry headlights. The sides show flared wheel arches, tall side vents, and generous body creases. And in the rear the M8 GC exhibits a wide diffuser with deep contours around its lights. It's more shouty and rambunctious than previous M car designs, almost like they have something to prove.

Conspicuous visuals continue with user-customizable choices. This particular M8 Gran Coupe has a gold-complementing-green finish using a Salève Vert body paint that shifts from green to grey-blue depending on the light. The brake calipers, wheels, window tint, front grille, and exhaust tips sport a gold color. And BMW blacked out the rear tail lights because it looks cool. We're not sure if we like this attention-seeking style from BMW, but we definitely know we'll be pointing one out if we see one on the street.