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Ending Soon: LS1 Swapped 1993 Mazda RX-7 Auction

On paper this is the perfect car. Classic Japanese chassis with American V-8 muscle. You get the looks and handling characteristics the FD RX-7 is known for without the headaches and rigorous maintenance routines of a rotary. And more power. A lot more power. In this case - 350 horsepower to the wheel from a 5.7-liter pushrod V-8 from an F-body Camaro Z28. It's been modified with LS6 intake manifolds, LS6 heads, aftermarket cams, JTR headers, and custom exhaust.

Naturally, the original 5-speed manual won't fit, so the LS1 Swapped RX-7 here uses a T-56 6-speed manual with lightweight flywheel and ACT HD sprung clutch kit. New Tokiko shocks and springs, bushings, ball mountings, sway bar end links, differential brace, Stoptech brakes, front splitter, and rear diffuser were also installed. Rubber to the road involves 255/35 ZR18 Michelin Pilot Super Sport front and 265/35 R18 Bridgestone S-02 rear tires stuck to 18-inch 3-piece Racing Heart C2 wheels.

The cockpit has been fitted with a quick release Sparco steering wheel, Kenwood sound system, and new shift knob. The odometer reads 76,649 miles.

There's only a few issues with this car - the foremost being lack of air conditioning or heating inside the cabin. It's not fun to stink up your car in the summer, though the seller states it can be installed. The second concern is the use of a single tailpipe, leading some to believe it's too restrictive. Again, the seller says there's too much piping with a dual exit but it's still possible in the end. The third is the fact that this car resides in Oregon - so like all auctions from Bring a Trailer you'll need to bring a trailer. The fourth is lack of ABS which isn't a problem if you know how to drive.

And the fifth issue is rooted in the philosophy of purity. Yes, the rotary is temperamental and needy compared to the bulletproof Chevy smallblock, but the RX-7 was designed with the Wankel in mind so its weight balance and power output worked in harmony. As Matt Farah says (having driven a stock RX-7 and LS swapped RX-7 back to back); putting an LS motor in an RX-7 makes it drive and feel like a Corvette. So instead of going through all that trouble to swap an engine, you could have bought a C5 for much cheaper. Plus you'd have working AC.

But there's no denying the FD RX-7 is one of the most beautiful and timeless looking cars to come to the U.S. Whatever premium it takes to drive and enjoy one for years to come is well worth the trouble.

Update: Sold for $29,750

Click here for Bring a Trailer auction link.