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2018 Ferrari FXX-K EVO: Utter Madness

It's hard to imagine someone looked at the original FXX-K with its twin-split rear tail fins, mechanical camshaft tappets, unsilenced exhaust, 1035 horsepower, 664 lb-ft of torque, and 1190 lbs (540 kg) of downforce and thought "Yeah... this should be faster". Then again, someone looked at the LaFerrari and thought the same thing, thus spawning the platform for the non-road legal 2014 FXX-K limited edition hypercar.

For 2018 and beyond, the mad engineers at the Maranello factory in Italy are continuing the XX program with the FXX-K EVO available as a normal purchase or upgrade for existing FXX-K owners. The EVO package doesn't touch the 6.2-liter V-12 monster or its KERS activated 188 hp electric motor, but it does lighten the body and increase its asphalt-sticking properties mainly by way of aerodynamic downforce.

Starting at the front, Ferrari shaved the space at the ends of the bumper creating an open vent with two aggressively shaped canards. The inclusion of the two flicks and a single dive plane add 10% more downforce over the original FXX-K. Underbody airflow is more fierce as Ferrari implemented vortex generators further increasing downforce by 30%. The rear of EVO shows its largest change - closing the gap between the two vertical endplates with a twin-element spoiler and central fin. Ferrari says the middle fin not only improves stability at low yaw angles (Think fast corners), it also serves as a mounting point for three vortex generators running over the spine of the engine bay.

Those vortex generators also operate in double duty cleaning up hot air expelled from the engine's radiators and directing more airflow towards the spoiler. This setup squeezes out another 10% of downforce versus the old solution. Looking underneath the tail lights you'll now see a gargantuan venting space. The opening allows airflow channeled into the rear wheel arch to escape, finding 5% more downforce for the EVO. And at the very bottom you'll see the rear diffuser reaches the full width of the car.

In total, the FXX-K EVO produces 1411 lbs (640 kg) of downforce at 124 mph (200 kmh) . When screaming at its 9400 rpm redline, downforce tops out at 1830 lbs (830 kg). An 18% difference from the FXX-K to the EVO. Minor improvements include new front brake air intakes along with recalibrated suspension to cope with the downforce. Inside, Ferrari changed the steering wheel selector switch from traction control to KERS Manettino (Ferrari speak for red selection dials). To the driver's right side an upsized 6.5-inch display can show a view out the back or an expanded list of driver telemetry and live car data.

As per tradition there are a few figures Ferrari won't list. Any claims in zero-to-60 mph times, top speed, curb weight, price, and production allocation are on an inquiry-by-request basis. This means there's no telling how much lighter the EVO is over the FXX-K, we just know it weighs less than before. The spec sheet also lists the wheelbase is lengthened by 15mm though this change is not mentioned in the main blurb. The 2014 FXX-K sold for $2.7-million. You can expect the 2018 FXX-K EVO to be sold for the price of a small island. A fair exchange for one of the best ways to give a middle-finger to the laws of physics.

2014 Ferrari FXX-K Interior