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Ford UK Prototypes Emergency Vehicle Location Alerts for your Car

We all know the scenario: We can hear sirens in the distance but we can't see it yet. There are trees, buildings, traffic, and hills blocking line of sight. To us, the sound of the sirens is undergoing the Doppler effect so it's hard to pinpoint which direction the emergency vehicle wants to go. This can definitely be improved with vehicle to vehicle communication.

That's where Ford and the West Midlands Fire Service have collaborated on building a system that wirelessly notifies cars of its position. This in turn allows vehicles to move to the proper lane and ensure emergency vehicles can reach their destination as fast as possible.

In a tangentially related fashion, Ford is also demonstrating vehicle-to-vehicle communication to give drivers an early warning when approaching an intersection to reduce cross-traffic accidents.

Ford and the West Midlands Fire Service will be presenting their technology at the UK Autodrive event where companies and academic institutions can showcase their connected car technologies. Now everyone just needs to agree to one standard first.