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Honda and AT&T Offering $20 per Month Unlimited Data in 2018 Odyssey Minivan

Whether your passengers are 8 or 80, there's only one surefire way to squelch their verbal barrage emanating from the back seats: Built in Wi-Fi. And while it's not the most elegant solution to avoid requests for apple juice and reminders to bring a jacket the 2018 Honda Odyssey can provide temporary to long term networking solutions as long as you're under the cell coverage network of AT&T, the company providing data for the minivan's integrated 4G LTE hotspot capability. For just $20 prepaid or postpaid a month this seems like a deal that could cover all your internet issues. 

But there are a few caveats you should know before springing to a Honda dealership in hopes of piggybacking off its seemingly generous connectivity. The first is the fact that the hotspot feature is only available on the top two trims of the 2018 Odyssey which are the Touring and Elite. These models start at $45,000 and $47,000 respectively so the upfront cost is hefty especially for a growing middle-class family.

The second is the technical limitation of 7 devices up to 50 feet from the car. This is reasonable enough for the passengers inside but it's not long enough to replace your own cell phone plan or one at home. There's also a 22 GB limit before speeds are reduced which, again, is fine for driving around but not for a household. Thirdly, the car has to be in accessory mode or fully on so keeping it running while you're out and about is out of the question.

Our advice: Take your sweet time if you want to go for it. Honda provides a free 3-month 3 GB trial period with the purchase of a new Odyssey, and if you're still not interested by then you don't have to worry about losing out on the deal as it's not a promotion. There's also no time limit or penalty for cancelations either. It's a luxury much cheaper than ones offered by companies like GM, but it's still a luxury nonetheless.

More details about the plan can be seen here. Information about the 2018 Honda Odyssey can be read by clicking on this link. Unlimited data plan is only available in the United States and Canadian regions.