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Jaguar Shows Off 2018 E-PACE in Testing Phase

As we roll off the excitement of the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Jaguar is scrambling to remind us the E-PACE is days from being revealed to the public. Their second upcoming performance SUV model is planned to be shown on July 13, 2017 on Facebook and YouTube.

The crossover sized E-PACE is smaller than the F-PACE, and is said to bring just as much performance in a compact package. Jaguar relays their intense testing regime is not only checking for durability, it's also used fine tune its handling competence for improved overall performance.

The 25-month test program involves 500 engineers laboring 120,000 test hours into 150 prototypes. Road course tests include over 400 Nürburgring laps and Nardo high-speed circuit tests while other models are checked in four different continents.

In the mountains of China, high altitude environments 5000 feet (1.52 km) above sea level assess engine performance when low on oxygen while places like the arid deserts of the Middle East test for blistering operating temperatures with lowered cooling potentiality. These climates can go as high as 118°F (48°C). Out in the cold the E-PACE can be seen sliding around in the Arctic Circle in temperatures as low as -40°C/F which allows Jaguar engineers to monitor its electronics and traction control systems.

Jaguar says their most grueling test is leaving the E-PACE in a pool of water 1.6 ft (0.5m) deep with the doors open and engine off for an hour before turning it back on and driving away.

Readers should note the E-PACE is not a fully electric SUV like the Tesla Model X. It's a sporty crossover with a petrol or diesel engine. Jaguar does plan to build a fully electric SUV called the I-PACE some around 2019, but that's a long ways off.