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Kia UK Sketches Upcomming Stonic SUV

You'd think Kia would show more for a car that's about to be released in less than six months, but no. They didn't. You might also think they would say more about the car than just the design and ergonomics, but no. They also didn't do that. So, honestly speaking, the only information we have to go on about the Stonic is its main Japanese rival.

The Toyota C-HR. A car that suddenly appeared into the market like the Stonic. It's a B-Segment compact SUV built for the urban environment. Its funky styling and contrasting interior lines are utilized to attract a younger audience. In the front sits one of the smallest engines known to man - A 115 hp 1.2-liter inline-4 engine powering the front wheels with optional all wheel drive. Young eco-conscious parties with some extra pounds can purchase a 1.8-liter hybrid if they wish.

Toyota C-HR

Available trims come in three levels with the base trim providing an attractive set of conveniences like automatic headlights and wipers, 17" wheels, 8" touchscreen, backup camera, and Bluetooth connectivity. The second trim adds partial leather seats, parking sensors, navigation, and push start. The third trim comes with LED lights, automatic folding heated side mirrors, and metallic black roof. Accessories include multiple choices of child seats, bike holders, roof racks, and ski boxes. Starting prices range from £22,000 to £25,000 and end close to £29,000 when optioned up.

So that's the Toyota C-HR. If you're wondering what the Kia Stonic will be like, just look at the C-HR. It sits in the same market, sports the same roofline, and follows the same preview-to-release timeline. Should someone tell Kia they're starting to look like copycats again?