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McLaren Builds Pair Of One-Off MSO-R Personal Commission Supercars

This is the MSO R Coupe and Spider. The coupe is coated in Liquid Silver paint with a satin finish, and the Spider is sprayed with Liquid Silver paint in gloss finish. Both have a carbon fiber center stripe, twin-element rear wing, and front dive planes. Both have exposed carbon fiber side mirrors and wiper scuttle. Both sport a front splitter and side skirt in Delta Red. And, most importantly, both MSO R models are one-off and will never be built again. The commissioner and the price are unknown.

What McLaren does tell us is sure to make other McLaren owners slightly jealous. Its 3.8-liter V-8 M838TL twin-turbo engine generates 679 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque which is marginally less powerful than the M840 engine residing in the 720S. This means it's the second most powerful road-going McLaren built today. That extra juice is a result of hand-polished heads and exhaust ports in addition to a more free-flowing, longer x-pipe muffler. Titanium exhaust tips stick out the rear.

The interior of the MSO R is also identical on both versions. Black Alcantara lines the panels throughout while red contrast stitching runs along the contours of the center console, armrests, and dashboard. Seats are covered in an eye catching bright red fabric. Like many McLarens the steering wheel has carbon fiber on the upper section with Alcantara covering the lower. MSO R logos are embroidered on the headrest, and a bespoke plaque on the door sill shows the car originates from Surray, England.

Eagle eyed readers will notice the MSO R, while technically a one-off, bears a strong resemblance to the 650S. That's easily explainable as the MSO R is built from the 650S. The front air intake, headlights, side intake, and rear end are unmistakably 650S architecture. This means its wheels, regardless of its unique 5-spoke shape, uses 235/35 R19 and 305/30 R20 Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires. Its transmission, though unlisted, consists of a 7-speed SSG model. Expect the Proactive Chassis Control active damping suspension to make a return too. There are, however, new additions to its body. Louvers on the upper front fenders are a common sight on modern day supercars, and the roof scoop looks interesting if it's actually functional. 

As a pair, the MSO R looks brilliant together. The tastefully subdued design changes undermine its uprated powerhouse, showing either good taste from the owner or good advice from McLaren. McLaren Special Operation's first personal commission, the 2012 X-1, looks as attractive as a plagued wart. Fortunately MSO learned from their mistake, and their latest one-off set shows a promising future for the ultra-elite clientele.