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Toyota Gazoo Racing Revives Supra As Racing Concept

Deep in the underground depths of the Toyota Racing Department lies a room nearly two stories tall with walls spanning a quarter mile on each side. In the center is a glass tube filled with liquid nitrogen. It emits a blue glow from the surrounding lighting fixtures. And in that glass tube is a car - vertically suspended with its nose pointing upward. There's piping and wires running out of each orifice. It can't move. It's been cryogenically frozen. The back of the car has a Supra badge. And the base of the tube has a digital clock. It reads "D: 5,840". 16 years.

Why this car has been suspended for so long doesn't matter now. What matters is Toyota and Gazoo Racing now have the means to pull it out of its tube and resuscitate it back to life. They can rebuild it. They have the technology. They can make it better than it was. Better. Stronger. Faster.

The result is the Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept. A true-to-form high performance coupe. It's front engine, rear wheel drive, and lightweight. It's been stretched to fit its new hardware. Compared to the old A80 Supra the new racing model is 2.4-inches longer, 9.3-inches wider, 1.7-inches taller, and has a 3.1-inch shorter wheelbase. Toyota also fitted a composite front and rear bumper, front and rear splitter, side skirt, side mirrors, front hood, and rear wing. Its suspension is built in-house though the center-lock wheels are from BBS and the slick tires are provided by Michelin. Brakes are Brembo make.

Its interior shows the GR Supra concept is all about racing. It features plastic front windscreen, plastic side windows, OMP quick-release steering wheel, OMP full bucket seat, OMP racing harness, paddle shifters, full roll cage, fire extinguishers, and competition-ready brake lines, fuel lines, pedal box, battery, and wiring.

Toyota hasn't revealed any details about its engine but you can be assured this will be made into a production road car. The number 90 on the side is a reference to the production code Toyota is using for the next generation Supra. Just don't expect all these racing parts to make it to the one you can buy. Hopefully it performs as well as it looks, and hopefully we wouldn't be pushing our luck if we ask for Toyota to bring the MR-2 and Celica while they're at it.

The Toyota GR Supra Concept will be drivable this April in Gran Turismo Sport for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.