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Video: Jay Leno drives the 2017 Ford GT

A common thread between many YouTube reviewers and first impression journalists is their limited exposure to the Ford GT in terms of time and varying driving environments. This leads to a bevy of media outlets only showing the car in its element at the track while leaving a gap of information about its behavior on the road. It's not their fault, as the invited guests and spectators clamor to discover its performance attributes first. But after a while we get tired of hearing the same answers to the same questions. We just want an approach with a new perspective.

Good thing Jay Leno is around to create a 36 minute long video discussing the Ford GT. It's a treat to see the 67-year old comedian doing a walk around with a modern American racing icon while still adequately relaying the pros and cons of trying to live with it after a week of ownership. Also impressive is his ability to somehow rack up almost 1,000 miles on the odometer in such a short period time. You gotta have respect for anyone who drives their supercars.