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Video: Kia Stinger GT Driven By Randy Pobst

If you've been patiently lingering with curiosity about the Kia Stinger GT's performance on the road and track this video by Motor Trend may be your sigh of relief. Randy Pobst, everyone's favorite racing driver, pushes the Stinger GT to its limit through Californian canyons and the Streets of Willow race track on this episode of 11-minute episode of Ignition.

But there's a problem, and it's two-fold. This Kia Stinger GT is a pre-production unit. That means it's not fully dialed in yet - still subject to change. That also means Randy, as good as he is communicating the characteristics of a car, can't fully communicate the characteristics of the Stinger GT. Or maybe he was just being nice.

Judging a car like the Stinger GT so soon is difficult. It's like trying to taste a chicken before it's hatched. Kia has made no announcement regarding its price, and the aura of excitement for a new and adventurous model hasn't worn off yet. However, given the feedback we've seen about the Stinger GT (and its mature sibling Genesis G70), Kia is on the right track in terms of performance and handling. It won't be long before they sort out the car. But for North American spectators like us, it'll be a long time before we find out.