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Aston Martin Goes Ludicrous with Vulcan AMR Pro Upgrade Package

Track-only race cars of Ferrari FXX K and Aston Martin Vulcan ilk always seem so dichotic in memory. Their bizarre styling, unrestrained by governmental standards, looks like the designers sculpted a concept in clay, left home early, and delivered the reigns to the racing engineers. The result is a car that looks like a Hotwheels toy turned to life. We're not sure if that's a good or bad thing. Then there's the exclusivity. With only 24 made and a sticker price of $3 million the Vulcan is so far removed from reality it'd be impossible to even call it a dream car. In due course, owners can book training sessions with Aston Martin to instruct Vulcan clients on the race track of their choice - but we know many of them will sit in garages and even fewer will ever go near its full potential.

Today, however, Aston Martin Vulcan owners finally have an excuse to bring their car out of the garage before sending it right back to the Q by Aston Martin Advanced Operations shop. That's right. Aston Martin isn't making more Vulcans in total, they're just offering an OEM Aftermarket aero package so their clients can keep their exclusivity and Aston Martin can get enough funding to continue playing with their favorite track toy.

With the AMR Pro package, what you see is what you get. Its front bonnet, now lightened by 11 lbs (5 kg) as a result of changes to its carbon-fiber composition, now sports louvers over the wheel arches in order to evacuate high pressure air creating lift. Near the headlights, two pairs of massive dive planes are clipped on for more front end grip, and Aston Martin added turning vanes (orange) to its front splitter redirecting turbulent air*.

On the rearside, visible from low earth orbit, is its new rear wing. It features two separate planes, slotted endplates, 20 mm Gurney flap on the top, and 15 mm Gurney flap on the bottom. The Gurney flaps incorporate right-angle flip ups at the tail end of the wing creating unbelievable amounts of downforce. According to Aston Martin, the AMR Pro package increases the downward force from 3,150 Nm to 4,000 Nm or 2,323 ft-lb to 2,950 ft-lb at maximum speed. An incredible figure surpassing the Aston Martin Vantage GTE racing car and almost reaching the same amount as an Indycar set up for long oval tracks.

Its 820 bhp 7.0-liter normally aspirated V-12 remains untouched but the 6-speed Xtrac sequential transmission has had its gear ratios shortened to give more leverage at lower speeds for faster acceleration. This does come at a cost of top speed but with the added downforce it's clear Aston Martin wants this car exploding out of corners with righteous fury.

Aston Martin is already working on upgrading the Vulcans and they expect to finish their first car by fall, 2017. As per usual, Aston Martin probably won't say how much this package will cost. The folks who can afford it won't care either way.